The Summit, located in Lee's Summit, Missouri, broke ground on their 750 seat auditorium on Sunday, January 10, 2016. They had several complications in preparation for the service that morning, read what senior pastor, Jim Preisig, had to say about the day:

It would be no exaggeration to say that everything that could go wrong in the preparation for our groundbreaking ceremony actually did.

First, the weather was crazy, with torrential rain for several days prior. And then it became bitterly cold, with the temp falling precariously close to zero on Sunday morning.

The generators in the tent would not start; consequently there was no heat . . . or sound . . . or anything else that requires electricity. The caterer went to the wrong address, and forgot the tables necessary to serve the hot chocolate and dirt cup desserts.

Frankly, it was a mess. Everything that could go wrong . . . did.

And then, right before the groundbreaking, it all came together beautifully!

The cold weather meant that the ground was frozen solid when people drove onto the property (so we didn’t sink any cars!) The Scouts did a tremendous job parking 500 vehicles. Since the ground was so uneven, people just reached out and took the arms of older souls, helped the people with walkers, and lifted up the wheelchairs so that everyone could enter!

The generators roared to life and started blowing warm air into the ice-cold tent. And all who were present pitched in to pull together the sound equipment, the shovels – everything – so that when you, our guests, arrived everything was perfect!

Someone commented to me that it was no surprise that we faced obstacles and challenges at the groundbreaking, since we have faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges every step of the way. That person is absolutely right, which is perhaps why we put our faith in God and expect miracles to happen.

What could have been a disaster proved to be one of the greatest moments in the life of our church, and all because we trusted in God and worked together to make His vision reality! I can’t wait to see what God has yet in store for His Church!


Below are a few photos from the day (courtesy of the church).