david evans, AIA


I love meeting people and learning about their facility needs. Since joining the firm in 1993, I’ve been blessed every day to collaborate with skilled designers and engineers. I’m most gratified by the process of working with many individuals toward one common goal. Each project has unique challenges and opportunities. I’m excited to have the opportunity to discover design solutions that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Once I’ve completed a design project and concluded the construction process, I especially enjoy experiencing the space. Watching people use, interact and live within that space is the true joy of architecture.

Serving our clients is an honor for me. The confidence they have in me and our team is humbling to say the least. Helping others and meeting their needs is why I love what I do every day



I am driven each day by a desire to place our clients first. Each new project is an opportunity to create design solutions that meet our client’s needs and assist them in bringing their vision to reality.

Being a part of the Mantel Teter team has opened many opportunities for me to experience rewarding relationships with clients, talented consulting engineers, qualified contractors and so many others during the design and construction phases of a project.

I wake up every morning excited about the prospect of making a positive impact on our clients’ lives by enhancing the spaces in which they live.



One of the most important aspects of my job is creating friendships with clients, contractors and engineers.  

Working for Mantel Teter instills a passion within me to serve our clients by listening, recognizing and understanding their needs. With a clear vision of their needs, I can be a creative instrument that profoundly impacts the lives of countless people through the built environment. This is ultimately a responsibility that motivates me every day to work in tandem with our project teams to provide the best experience for our clients.

Friendships are created through the confidence that our clients have in the Mantel Teter team. Being a part of this team of talented architects and designers, who work diligently side by side to solidify this confidence, drives me to work harder each day, and is why I enjoy what I do!



After graduating from the University of Kansas in May of 2005, I joined Mantel Teter. I continue to grow and learn through the many challenges and wonders of architecture. I enjoy collaborating with my coworkers and creating interesting design solutions that define a sense of place.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to interact with our clients and to explore creative ways we can meet their needs and budget. It is rewarding to work with diverse groups and to be a part of the excitement that results when dreams are realized.



I have known the good people of Mantel Teter for nearly 25 years, and I consider myself blessed to be a part of this talented team! Although my formal education and training is in fine arts (violin performance, music composition, and painting) I have always been drawn to creating physical spaces. Immediately after graduating from college, I was fortunate to become employed and deeply immersed in the world of architecture.

My God-given gifts, formal education, learned skills, and amazing co-workers make me feel so at home with religious facility design. It is an amazing feeling to stand in a building that was once just a dream in somebody's head. I truly enjoy being a part of this vibrant group of professionals who see grand concepts come to such reality.

Emmalee Schaumburg


I am challenged to find creative ways to effectively communicate the Mantel Teter experience to prospective clients. I create presentations that strengthen the client's understanding of Mantel Teter and help them communicate their vision. What I enjoy most is sharing the firm’s vast experience, unique design processes and commitment to excellence that leads to successful projects and satisfied clients.