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How to Select Timeless Materials and Colors

How to Select Timeless Materials and Colors

This has to be my most frequently asked question during a design process with our clients… “how can we keep our building from looking dated in 10, 15, 20 years”? My first response is always “you can’t.” Design trends come and go. What is popular today may not be tomorrow. Unfortunately, for most of our clients, the ability and funds to change their space like owners of hospitality spaces do, is not possible. They cannot switch carpet and countertops every five years. So, the trick is to find little ways to maximize not only the money spent, but the years in which our products will last. The good news for our clients is that there are several ways we can achieve a “timeless” look and beat those fleeting design trends.

1. Stay as neutral as possible with your most expensive and longest lasting materials. For example, don’t pick red carpet, blue countertops or overly trendy-looking tile. Instead, let your paint and accent colors be the trend. Green is very in right now. Paint a wall or two in your lobby green and the rest can stay very neutral. Paint is easy and inexpensive to change, especially if it’s just one wall.

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First United Methodist Church Completes Construction

Image Courtesy of  Emmalee Schaumburg

Image Courtesy of Emmalee Schaumburg

Located in the heart of downtown Maryville, Missouri, First United Methodist Church has a long rich history of serving this community. The congregation still worships inside the Sanctuary built in 1897! While space for worship capacity is still available, the church facility lacks several key features for modern relevant churches today. Following the Healthy Church Initiative study, the building committee identified a few key features needed. They were: identifiable entry, accessibility (elevator), gathering space for connection, renovation of children’s ministry spaces. 

With this list of needs, First UMC called on Mantel Teter to lead them in the planning and design process. As a downtown church, property is limited and space utilization must be maximized. A phased design solution allowed the church to meet all the key needs, while providing for expansion to allow a future fellowship hall that would also be used to host community events in partnership with the City of Maryville and NW Missouri State University.

7 Church Design Trends for 2017

David Evans was recently interviewed by Cathy Hutchison for an article that appeared in Church Designer.  David and other designers around the country shared the ideology and components they believe will influence and change church architectural and interior design in the New Year. Read the article here.


While the multi-site movement continues to flourish, its next stronghold may be a neighborhood church near you. Many experts in [the] field have written about this. This movement’s next chapter [is] to start or acquire campuses to reach and minister to residents of specific neighborhoods. This could be declining churches or other retail/big box properties that will be renovated.
— David Evans, Mantel Teter