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Journey Church International Selects Architect

Journey Church International, located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri has again selected Kansas City based architect Mantel Teter and Kansas City based contractor Fogel-Anderson Construction. After completing the construction of their Phase 1 facility in the Fall of 2016, the church has witnessed explosive growth and is ready to begin the planning process for their next phase of expansion. "Our team is so excited to be back serving this church as they grow into their master plan.” commented Skyler Phelps, the Project Architect for the project.

The Summit is Nearing Completion

The Summit, a church located in Lee's Summit, Missouri, is getting very close to completion! The first phase of the project includes a new 750 seat auditorium building that is expandable to 1,100 seats. The facility also provides a large fellowship and community space to have conversation and connection with others. The building is balanced for worship attendance with enough space for children’s ministry space and student’s ministry space. Their new plan provides state of the art rooms with incredible flexibility and amenities such as auditorium space, play space and ministry rooms. The design includes important safety features such as check-in points and security control systems. Below are photos from our recent visit. 


Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Day

At Mantel Teter we believe strongly in giving back to our Kansas City community. One of the organizations we support is Habitat for Humanity. Providing not only a shelter, but a home for an individual or family is something we wholeheartedly believe in. Along with other volunteers, our architects and staff helped with demo of an existing Kansas City home as well as reinforcement of the existing structure. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we enjoyed getting our hands dirty and laying the groundwork for this house to become a home. Below are a few photos from the day.