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Top Church Design Trends for 2019

Top Church Design Trends for 2019

Almost upon us, 2019 is expected to be a year of changes that will reshape--or at least refine-- houses of worship. Designers agree that the worship space should serve the church as an expression of its brand while becoming an engaging tool for its mission.

Architects, designers and AVL professionals weigh in, predicting what will happen in the coming year:

1-Multisite movement continues to flourish. The multisite movement is stronger than ever, notes David Evans, president of Kansas City, Mo.-based architectural firm Mantel Teter. “The movement’s next chapter will be to start or acquire campuses to reach and minister to residents of specific communities. Many demographics will influence these choices and a church’s ministry skill sets. This could be churches or other retail/big box properties that will be renovated for church and community uses.”

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Intentional Churches Workshop


The purpose of the event is to develop Great Commission momentum in your church. Your team will experience the foundations of Intentional GrowthPlanning and leave with a clear vision and action plan to double your Kingdom impact.

The workshop will be led by an experienced Intentional Churches facilitator alongside two additional Intentional Churches coaches who assist during the event. The facilitators and coaches use Intentional GrowthPlanning to grow their church and coach and train other churches to do the same.

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How to Select Timeless Materials and Colors

How to Select Timeless Materials and Colors

This has to be my most frequently asked question during a design process with our clients… “how can we keep our building from looking dated in 10, 15, 20 years”? My first response is always “you can’t.” Design trends come and go. What is popular today may not be tomorrow. Unfortunately, for most of our clients, the ability and funds to change their space like owners of hospitality spaces do, is not possible. They cannot switch carpet and countertops every five years. So, the trick is to find little ways to maximize not only the money spent, but the years in which our products will last. The good news for our clients is that there are several ways we can achieve a “timeless” look and beat those fleeting design trends.

1. Stay as neutral as possible with your most expensive and longest lasting materials. For example, don’t pick red carpet, blue countertops or overly trendy-looking tile. Instead, let your paint and accent colors be the trend. Green is very in right now. Paint a wall or two in your lobby green and the rest can stay very neutral. Paint is easy and inexpensive to change, especially if it’s just one wall.

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Knowing What Kind of Space to Build

Knowing What Kind of Space to Build

Building the right space at the right time is the ultimate goal of every church building project. Once a church has tracked attendance information over time, it can make an informed decision about the amount of space needed for ministry expansion. Armed with this hard data, you’re ready to consider what kind of space to build.

Click here for three tips regarding how much space to build.

The Art of Arrival

The Art of Arrival

The sense of arrival. Psychologically, it symbolizes the completion of a journey. Excitement is present when a destination is achieved and the experience of what lies ahead is in store. Upon arrival to a church facility, people process through a series of motions as the experience of arrival is achieved. Together, site and building work to complete the sense of arrival and enrich the experience.

Click here for FIVE things to consider when contemplating how to create or improve this experience.

Hire the Expert: Save Time and Money

Hire the Expert: Save Time and Money

Most of us have "enjoyed" the experience of making multiple trips to the hardware store when attempting to install what often seems to be the simplest of tasks. After this task consumes most of the day, including all kinds of time that was not planned, we rock back and ask ourselves, "why didn't I just hire a professional?".

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The amateur in the scenario above most likely just spent twice or more in time and money, than if a professional would have been hired. This reminds me of a quote from the famous oil well firefighter, Paul "Red" Adair. He would tell folks, "If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional……wait until you hire an amateur!".  Candidly, he's right.

On the Table Kansas City Luncheon

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Bart Rendel, President and Co-founder of Intentional Churches, a national ministry dedicated to training and coaching churches in how to double their Kingdom impact, spoke at our annual On the Table luncheon. We were honored to partner with him and provide such a great resource to Kansas City area churches.

Bart Rendel, President and Co-founder of Intentional Churches

Bart Rendel, President and Co-founder of Intentional Churches

Thank you to our industry partners for their sponsorship and helping make this event happen.

Central Bank of the Midwest, Jim Lehman

Generis, Rusty Lewis

Harmon Construction, Tim Harmon

Pastor's Luncheon October 20, 2016

Bart Rendel, Co-founder and President at International Churches. 

Bart Rendel, Co-founder and President at International Churches. 

A great resource for pastors and senior leadership teams!

October 20, 2016
11:30am - 1:30pm

Hereford House
5001 Town Center Drive
Leawood, Kansas 66211

RSVP by October 6, 2016, email

Seats are limited, email to reserve your spot today! *max 2 seats per organization

Bart Rendel is President and Co-founder of Intentional Churches, a national ministry dedicated to training and coaching churches in how to double their Kingdom impact. Intentional Churches developed a proprietary, team-based planning process called Intentional GrowthPlanning and has worked with over 200 churches to install this planning system. Profound Kingdom results are unfolding as churches learn how to use the tools and process to refresh vision and grow again and again. Bart lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Catherine, and two children. They attend Central Christian Church where Bart was on the executive team for over eleven years.

A NEW Resource to Help You Increase Giving

"To give money away is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it, and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter." — Aristotle

Our friends at Generis have created a new resource to help you increase giving by better understanding and engaging your givers. Did you know there are four types of givers in the church? Learn how to engage these types of givers in this free download

Thom Rainer’s Five Secrets to Getting Church Guests to Return Cards

1. Keep it simple

How simple? As simple as a first name and email. The more information you ask the less likely they are to fill out a card.

2. Avoid the phone number

People simply don't like to be bothered and don't want to give out their phone number.

3. Go loose, not perforated.

Guests don't want to interrupt the service with the sound of tearing the card.


Free Generosity Speaks E-Book Now Available

Our friend at Generis, Rusty Lewis, has a new free e-book available!

What you say and how you say it has a direct correlation to what your givers give. Have you ever considered that? Have you ever considered what it might look like if you were to leverage your communication to accelerate giving? It could truly change your ministry and fund the God-sized vision of your church!

That’s the premise of Rusty's new e-book called Generosity Speaks: Designing Communication to Impact Giving. And this new 38-page resource is available to you for free starting today!



Free eBook from Generis

What's in the eBook?

With online banking and smartphone mobile pay apps, we simply aren’t carrying cash and checks like we used to. And that means we’re not carrying them to your church service either. When you don’t offer an alternative giving method, you have actually created an obstacle in someone’s way of giving to your church. Younger generations have smartphones by their side day and night. It’s our responsibility to meet them where they are if we are going to encourage them on their giving journey.



On the Table : Retain More First-Time Guests

Join us this fall for another On the Table event with guest speaker, Melanie Smollen, president of Faith Perceptions. She will be discussing first-time visitor retention and first time guest experience. Sign up to reserve your spot at the luncheon. 

When? October 22, 2015

Time? 11:30am-1:00pm

Where? Hereford House, 5001 Town Center Drive, Leawood, Kansas 66211

A wing and a prayer, answered

In 2006, Lead Pastor Jason St. John and other leaders at Evangel Temple Assembly of God church in Kansas City, Mo., evaluated their growth patterns, predicting three years into the future, and it became clear they needed to expand—particularly in the space available for children’s ministry and in adult classrooms.

Business Administrator Tim Murlatt explains the extensive process that helped the church determine its future needs: “We broke down every area: early childhood, nursery, youth, adults, bathrooms, lobby, foyer space, kitchen, parking lot, storage. We evaluated our rate of growth and said, in X number of years, at this percentage of growth, where will these different areas be?”

MultiPurpose Room, Incorporated

s your church ready to begin an alternate worship style venue? Could your church use an extra fellowship hall? What about more space for the youth group? Do you need room to start an outreach program for community seniors? If you’re asking these questions and others, then it’s time to consider a well designed multipurpose room.

Considerations for Successful Renovation & Addition

Additions with Limitations
Churches across this great country are constantly faced with the difficult reality of limited space. As the face of ministry changes, the need for more and more space increases. The biggest problem always challenging the church is one simple fact: the needs always outweigh the budget! Understanding which ministry requires what space and how they all prioritize within the church’s strategic plan, can be confusing and even frustrating to figure out. However, don’t fear, there are a few simple steps that a church can follow to relieve some of the frustration.

Master Planning 101

Grasp the Vision If you understand anything from reading this article, understand you must have a vision for your church. Many of us are naturally visionary people. However, being reminded to actively contemplate and pursue our vision is important. Let’s not forget to think big. Don’t underestimate the extent of your church’s potential for ministry in your community. Most churches remain the same size for years and years because they have not acted on their vision, or properly communicated it to the congregation. They lose people out the door as fast as they come in the door. Motivated people will generally not remain in an unmotivated church. People in the congregation want to “know where the church is going.” They want to know that there is a plan of action. You would be amazed at how easy it is to get people involved and excited about your church when they understand the church’s purpose and direction.

Construction Delivery Methods

About to embark on a new building construction project? Many church building committees deliberate for hours over design and construction delivery methodologies. Should we hire an architect for design and then competitively “hard bid” the construction? Do we select a single point Design-Build firm for both architectural design and actual construction? The pros and cons of either method mentioned above or some hybrid of one or the other seems confusing, at the least, to the average church building committee member. If there could only be a way to have our cake and eat it, too! Perhaps there is.

This Isn't Your Grandparents' Church

It used to be families attended one-room church houses with musty basements for classrooms, no air conditioning, and leaky roofs — a far cry from today’s worship facilities. Now, churches are searching for creative ways to integrate spatial flexibility and high-tech features in sound technology, theatrical lighting, video projection with theatre-style seating. Regardless of the church size, faith, or demographic, creating a worship facility that supports that church’s vision and ministries is the ultimate goal. Whether outgrowing, relocating, or updating their facilities, today’s church exercises several design trends. Some of the hottest trends going involve well-developed and thought out strategic programming and master planning, state of the art technology, unique contemporary architectural style and image, and multifunctional use space.