There are many sensible delivery approaches to design and construction projects. Common among them all is the importance of choosing the right team.

Behind every great project, there is a great team. Every design and construction project is unique, with a variety of services required to transform generalized concepts into reality. Like basketball teammates passing the ball to one another to find the best shot, each teammate plays a specific, meaningful role. To win, each team member must communicate effectively, exhibit strong leadership skills, be creative and precise.


Successful building projects are the result of an integrated design and construction processes that addresses not only client needs, but also climate, context and quality while complying with public health, safety and welfare requirements. Projects should be a collaborative effort, involving client, architect, contractor and other necessary participants. Good communication, mutual respect for each other’s gifts, trust, collaboration, problem solving and a unified commitment to a common goal are hallmarks of effective teams. Design and construction teams that have worked together successfully on several projects know the terrain and can efficiently and effectively navigate the journey from project inception to completion.

The selection of team members should be undertaken as early in the life of a project as possible. Team members should be selected based on qualifications, negotiating their fee for services once selections have been made. Qualifications should include experience with similar project types, size, complexity and a proven track record of client satisfaction. Team members who specialize in a particular project type are often best suited to understand and connect with your vision, have experience with common pitfalls and deploy creative design and construction solutions to achieve your desired outcome.